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Cowboy's goes to the Fair Ch 5

Chapter 5

The Cattle Rustlers

Cowboy had never dreamed of having such an exciting life, or meeting all the
people and animals that he had met. It was just to much excitement for a little rooster in
just one day. The harder Cowboy tried to go to sleep the more he thought about all that
had happened that day.
By midnight every rooster in the barn was fast asleep, all but Cowboy. He was
thinking about the judging of the smallest rooster tomorrow. “If I could only walk to the
cages in the back , then I could see if I’m the smallest rooster here,” Cowboy thought.
“Then maybe I can go to sleep.” Cowboy just couldn’t hold back the curiosity and made
the decision to sneak out of his cage and go take a peak at the other roosters.
Very quietly Cowboy said to himself “1, 2, 3, jump, flap, as he did he hit the latch
on the cage door and it flew open. Cowboy was excited that it only took one try to open
the door and he was out of the cage before anybody heard anything.
As Cowboy began walking up the aisle looking into each rooster pen, he realized
that there were two stacks of pens and he could only see half the roosters that he would be
competing with. “I have to get up to the second stack thought Cowboy, but how.” Before
the young rooster could come up with a plan he heard a familiar voice in a far distance.
“Moo, Moo, Help!” Cowboy knew who the voice belonged to, it was his friend
Misty and she was in trouble. Cowboy took his breath of courage, put his feet in fast gear
than ran as hard as he could to where he had last seen Misty. “Cock a doodle do, I’m on
my way Misty.” When Cowboy reached his friend’s stall he found it empty with the door
standing wide open. “Where is Misty ? Cowboy asked the heifer in the next stall. “Moo,
there were two men with ropes, moo, they took her away.” “ Moo, she didn’t want to go,
they were bad men.” Cowboy knew he had to do something fast. “I have an adea, if I can
open your latch you can open the gates of the other cows then we will get all the roosters
out.”, Cowboy explained to the heifer. “Then what” asked the Heifer? “I will tell you as
we go, now just hurry.”
Cowboy flew to the latch of the heifers gate, this latch was much bigger and
heavier than the one on his cage. The little rooster pushed and shoved then the latch was
released and the gate began to open. Tina the heifer went from stall to stall opening the
gates and explaining what had happen and how they needed help to save Misty. Cowboy
ran as fast as his little feet could carry him to the chicken barn. “Cock a doodle do,
everyone wake up we need your help. Misty the heifer has been stolen from her stall.”
Cowboy opened the first cage that he reached, it was one of the biggest roosters he had
ever seen. “Open all the cages and tell the roosters to follow me” Cowboy instructed. The
rooster agreed and went about his job. Coock a doodle do’s rang throughout the barn as
all the roosters jumped from their cages and went running after Cowboy.
“Shh, everyone we have to listen for Misty,” Cowboy said in a firm voice.
“Moo” cried Misty, “ Hurry this way” called Cowboy to all the other animals “she’s this
way.” All the cattle and roosters followed after Cowboy. The roosters crowed as loud as
they could. The cattle mooed as loud as they could. Even the ducks that were released
quacked as loud as they could. “Misty we’re coming” they all cried.
As all the animals ran up the aisle, and through the doors, they ran right into three
security guards. “Stop, stop the three men yelled,” waving their hands through the air
while trying to turn the animals around. Cowboy yelled back, “Keep running we have to
save Misty.” The animals followed close behind Cowboy ,but making sure not to step on
the tiny rooster.
“Their she is” cried Cowboy, “stop the men!” The cattle made a circle around
Misty and the two scared rustlers that was holding her rope. The roosters began jumping
on the Men’s backs and the top of their heads until they could no longer stand and fell to
the ground. Cowboy jumped on Misty’s back and crowed “Hurray we saved Misty.”
About then the security guards reached the animals. “What’s going on here” the men
asked “You need to get back to your pens right now,” the older of the gents demanded.
The cattle moved back to expose the cattle rustlers to the security guards that had been
hired to protect them. “Looks like we got us some cattle rustlers”, the younger guard
declared, “I guess we better get out our hand cuffs.” While the two were putting the cuffs
on the men the third guard called the police to come pick up the two cattle thief’s.”
“Hurray” shouted the animals with their moo’s, quacks and cock a doodle doos.
As the animals walked back to their own pens Misty thanked them all for saving
her from the cattle rustlers. Most of all she thanked Cowboy for hearing her cries and
leading the other animals to her rescue.
The next day the fair security were trying to get to the bottom of how the animals
had escaped their pens, attacked the rustlers, and saved the heifer. One of the guards
suggested that they watch the tapes that were in the security cameras.
What a surprise they saw. Their it was in full color, Cowboy the littlest rooster in
the fair, opening his cage and letting the other roosters out.
The next film showed Cowboy opening the gate to let the cows out. The last film showed
Cowboy leading all the animals into the attack on the rustlers. “Well Hank” the one guard
said to the other, “it looks like we have a rooster for a hero.”
Later that day Farmer Jack came into the rooster barn, walked straight over to
Cowboy’s pen and opened the door. “Come here my little hero, I heard what you did last
night, now we have a surprise for you.” Jack took Cowboy out of his pen, cuddled him in
his arms’ and began to walk. “Where is Jack taking me” thought Cowboy, “what is my
surprise.” About then Jack walked through a large door that was leading into an arena.
There were bleachers standing high in the air and people sitting in all the seats. In one of
the areas was a big platform with people standing all around on top of it. To one side
there were stalls some had sheep in them, some had goats, others had pigs. Their were
ducks, geese, rabbits, hens ,big roosters, and his friend Misty. “What is this place?”
thought Cowboy. As Jack continued to walk into the arena people began to stand.
“Look,” a young boy shouted, “its Cowboy!” Everyone began to clap and shout the little roosters name, “Cowboy, Cowboy your our hero.
” People began to run toward the little hero. Cameras were flashing and hands were
reaching trying to touch any part of Cowboy that they could. “Cock a doodle do,” said
Cowboy, “I just helped my friend.” The people didn’t understand what Cowboy was
trying to say and they kept cheering.
After a couple of minutes the tall man, in the red coat standing on the platform,
took the microphone. “May I have your attention please.” Everyone got quite and was
waiting for the man to speak. “Farmer Jack will you bring your rooster to the platform
Jack nodded and began walking up the steps. “Would you place your rooster on the
table?” Jack did what the man asked, then took a step back. “Cowboy” said the man in
the red coat, “first we would like to award you the 1st place ribbon for being the smallest
rooster to be entered into this years fair.” “1st place” shouted Cowboy “that’s the blue
ribbon. I’m glad I’m a little rooster.” “That’s not all little Cowboy” said the man with the
microphone. About then a lady came walking from behind a curtain carrying a trophy
that stood 4 feet high. On top of the trophy was a perch and on the front was the words:
FAIR HERO, COWBOY. Farmer Jack picked his prize rooster up and stood him on the
“You are my prize, Cowboy and I’m proud of you,” Jack whispered to his little friend.
Cowboy stood on his perch, spread out his wings, and crowed his happiest crow that
could come out of his beak.
The next morning Jack and Cowboy went back to the farm. Cowboy had a really
exciting weekend at the fair, but he missed his family. When Annie, Jacks wife, saw the
truck pull into the drive she ran out to meet them with a news paper in her hand. “Look
your on the front page of the paper Cowboy. They say you’re a hero.” Cowboy just smiled
at Annie and looked toward his yard. “Ok,” said Jack “I’ll take you to your family with
your trophy and ribbon too.”
When Trouble saw Farmer Jack come walking into the yard carrying a
trophy, with Cowboy standing on the top with a blue ribbon around his neck, he ran into
the hen house. “That could have been me if I had not played sick.” Cried Trouble, “I
think I’m really sick now!”


  1. Poor Trouble. Will Trouble ever learn to be humble and courageous?


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