Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, yesterday my mom went to let the chickens out and one of them was dead! We don't know how but she was my favorite! R.I.P. Shasta, the story is........ I knew I should have covered them up but, I didn't. I think that they must have seen something in the night that scared them and they tried to fly. She hit the cage or got her head stuck and broke her neck cause when I pulled her out her neck looked broken. Now I know, cover them up!!

The night before me and mom went out to put them away. It was dark and we had a flash light. Mom shined it on the chickens and I took it and shined it on the ground in front of us. When I did a copper head started to slither off! I grabbed the shovel and pinned him down! Mom ran off to the house to get my big brother. It was scary!! I was outside by my self with a meany head snake. We got ride of him and are more alert when we go put them to bed.

AC Chick-a.k.a. Breeze


  1. HEY BREEZE..... it is so funny that you are AC chick AND your name is BREEZE...... get it?

  2. so sorry about your chicky, Breeze. losing them is really hard. =(

    ( i think ac chick is pretty cool too. you're adorable! )

  3. Ha, thanks (Anonymous) and no I didn't even think about that AC Chick -Breeze nope did not catch that!! Losing Shasta was hard but you live and learn!! LIFE GOES ON!

  4. It was very hard when I lost Cowboy. Someone left the door open after playing with the chickens, and I found him right outside of the door. I stoped writing my Cowboy stories after that.


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