Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day at the "FARM" with Bedste

Grandbabies enjoy helping with the "Chicken Chores"

If you look closely you can see a chicken flying as Graceson released her..

This is VELVET ... the ugliest chick in the world is not so bad now!

Enoch will remain on a chain as long as birds are free RANGING.

In his attempts to do what he thinks is his JOB he nearly had a mouth full TWICE now....

I do not want him to ever get a taste of chicken!

I am not taking any chances...

Inspite of what he says.... he will NOT DIE being put on an occasional chain.

Molly 3 weeks old and Molly now ... she almost looks the same (baby Molly is standing on a can of coffee)


  1. baby chicks are pecking their way out as I type.... 2 have cracked their shells. You can actually hear them say peep peep peep while they move around in there..... wow

  2. yay! that's so exciting! we need video!

  3. I just checked them again and one has a HOLE and the other is still just cracked and one is not cracked at all and just peep peep peep coming from inside and then one is doing NOTHING so might be a dud


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