Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Roosters Roosters Roosters

Gold Bantam -aka Charlotte

Oldest Standard Black/Blue Cochin -aka Megan

Youngest Standard Blue Cochin -Storm

I have 5 Roosters so I need to find homes for 3 of them. The two that I am keeping have been raised together so they will be fine.

I have 2 Blue Cochin Roosters and 1 Gold Bantam Rooster that need good homes. They have been handled by grandchildren and named and have very good temperments. They are approximatley 3 months old.


  1. I just realized that I will be unable to have standard size chicks without a standard size roo so I am going to TRY to keep Storm and allow him to merge with the great flock merge of the grande opening of the new coop. James wil be the deciding factor. If James allows this youngin to come in to the coop problem free then Storm is IN..... OR.... I could just keep all three of the new babies including the roo and have a RIR Rooster. I would actually prefer to keep Storm and let Storm be Rooster number three because he would give the coop more of a variety. I can always get fertilized purebred RIR eggs from Jeanie.

  2. If your plan is to raise standard size chicks, you're going to have a difficult time doing it unless you either a) separate james and juliet from the rest or b) find james a new home (and yes i know how much you love him). Otherwise, there's no way to regulate who's hatching when the time comes. That said, you might not have too much trouble selling the "fluffy mutts" if you want to. I think other people will be interested in the novelty.

  3. What if James and Storm and Velvet all get along fine and live in peace and goodwill towards eachother and I pull a rooster and two chickens out for a couple of weeks and put them in the honeymoon suit (old coop) or something like that? Boy I love these chickens. They are such an "out" for me right now.... and fun.

  4. Well, there's still the matter of the hens to think of. It is my understanding (from reading and not personal experience) that roosters require hens, and too many roosters to too few hens will lead to .....overworked hens. so to speak.

    Are you going to keep the roosters separated from the hens until it's honeymoon time?

  5. Hmmm....... If I keep the ones I am planning on keeping;

    -after the culling -and the pending adoption of Pepper and Ginger--and new hatchlings growing up....after all of that.....

    I will have 4 bantam hens---and 11 standard hens (2 Buffs Op -2 Araucana -2 Australorp -3 RIR 1 Wynodott 1 Cochin)

    15 hens total for James and Storm and Velvet...... 5 hens each.... If I end up separating James and Juliet and Evi and Holly and Crystal (James might like this) Oo..... I forgot about Velvet..... wow hmmm..... Maybe James will allow Velvet to hang out with the rest of the Bantams.... 2 roos and 4 hens ....

    I do not know how this is going to work out unless I keep the Roosters separate..... hmm

  6. Do you think 15 hens and 3 roos would work if I was NOT concerned about hatching any eggs?

  7. i think you should get some opinions on byc. here's what i think they will tell you: that it's probably kind of too many roosters, but it depends somewhat on the personality of the individuals.

    i have seen recommended 10 hens to a rooster.

  8. personalities of the individual Roosters or the personalities of the peeps on BYC?


  9. One of the peeps on BYC thinks that Storm might be a lavender Cochin.... how cool is that?


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