Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Under Construction

Ricky, Tanner and Levi are working so hard finish the most wonderful chicken coop in the entire world.

While at the house..... Tanner reported seeing Juliet with all three of her chicks running around the coop. Everyone is fine -- I am even considering coming home early just to move the chickens in their new home.

I am so grateful and appreciative to these three guys. I forsee many days of baking in my near future....


  1. what a groovy new coop! awesome!

    juliet looks a little.....harried. i guess that's the blank stare they tell you about. =D

  2. I have had three different peeps reporting in that Mama Juliet has three little chicks following her around everywhere and all is fine...

  3. another report from the JOYhouse... Juliet and babies are free ranging with the rest of the flock. Mama and chicks are staying closer to the coop and Juliet is teaching them to hunt for bugs. They are only 5 days old and already on their first field trip.


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