Friday, September 11, 2009

The Great Escape by Frances Wall

Chapter 5

Cowboy’s Great Escapes

As Otis drove the car, George tried to hold Cowboy. That wasn’t such and easy
job to do. When he would turn loose of Cowboys mouth, the brave little rooster would
peck his hand and crow, “help!”
“We have to do something about this crazy rooster.” George told Otis. “What do
you want me to do, drive and hold him at the same time, you must be the crazy one.”
replied Otis.
Cowboy was no longer afraid of the men, he had become mad. He had over heard
Otis tell the Police on the telephone that they wanted money if Jack wanted him back.
These men were bad, very bad and Cowboy knew he had to do something.
The brave little rooster kicked his crippled little feet, as he did his toenails and
spurs stuck into Georges hands. “OUCH” George shouted as he turned Cowboy loose.
Cowboy quickly jumped from Georges lap to his shoulder jabbing his toenails deep in the
bad mans skin. Then he jumped on the back of the seat and ran to Otis and jumped on his
shoulders and did the same. Otis screamed. “Do something George.” Cowboy new he had
to get out of the reach of the two men, so he jumped into the back seat of the car and
began crowing. “Cock a doodle doo” “Help!” “Cock a doodle doo.
The two men became frantic, and Otis pulled the car over to the side of the road.
Both of the men jumped out of the car slamming the doors as fast as they could to prevent
Cowboy from escaping.
“What do we do now?” ask George. Otis thought for a second. “I have an idea.”
“I will through my coat over the rooster and you grab him and put him into the trunk of
the car.” George shook his head no, “I’m not touching that vicious rooster,” he said.
“You’re the short person here and you will do as I say,” demanded Otis. George
shrugged his shoulders and said “OK.”
Otis took off his coat and George opened the back door. “Quick” shouted George
“before he gets away.” Otis through his coat right on top of Cowboys head and George
jumped on top of the coat grabbing Cowboy into his arms. “ I got him,” shouted George
as he stood up with the wiggling rooster. “Don’t let him get away” said Otis as he opened
the trunk “. I’m not,” replied George. All of a sudden, plop, Cowboy came squirming out
of the sleeve of the big coat, dropping to the ground. The brave little rooster didn’t stop to
think about what to do next but to run as fast as he could.
As Cowboy ran across the snow along the highway, he could hear the men close
behind him. “Hurry, George we got to catch him.” Shouted Otis. Cowboy just kept
running not taking the time to look back to see how close the men were.
All of a sudden a police car came speeding by, he passed right beside Cowboy and
the men chasing him. “ Cock a doodle doo,” help! Cowboy crowed.
The police car came to a sliding stop and the officer came running toward
Cowboy and the men. “Stop in the name of the law” shouted the officer. Both of the men
stopped in their tracks as the officer pointed his gun on the bad men. Cowboy ran to the
feet of the officer and crowed. “Thank you sir.” “You must be Cowboy,” said the officer.
Cowboy let out a big crow to say, “yes I am.” The officer looked back at the two
trembling men and said, “You must be the rooster nappers?” The two men just looked at
the ground not saying a word.

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