Friday, September 18, 2009

The Great Escape by Frances Wall

Chapter 6

Cowboy Goes Skiing

Jack and Anne set in their hotel room watching the news when a special
announcement came on.
‘We have braking news” said the newsman. “The police have just captured the
Mute brothers, George and Otis.” The two brothers have been kidnapping cats and dogs
all across Texas” “The two were just apprehended by Colorado police while chasing a
little rooster named Cowboy down highway 6. Some how the rooster escaped the clutches
of the men.”
The two are now in the custody of the police and will be transferred back to Texas
where they will be cleaning animal cages for the next ten years.
Jack and Anne were so excited when they heard the good news and saw Cowboy
safely in the arms of the nice police officer on the television.
They quickly jumped up off of the sofa, grabbed their coats, and were out the door
to go to the police station. As the two excited owners of Cowboy arrived at the station
they were meet by television news cameras and newspaper reporters. “Are you the owners
of Cowboy?” Ask one reporter. Jack replied with a big smile, “I sure am.” About then
the nice police officer that had meet them before came out of the building carrying
Cowboy in his arms. “I guess you came for your rooster,” said the officer. “I sure did,”
replied Jack, Smiling, as he reached for Cowboy. All the news people began clapping
their hand and taking pictures of Cowboy and his family.
Later that day, the happy family went high on top of the snow covered mountain.
Jack and Anne had on their big coats, boots and the long things that they put their feet on.
Cowboy we love you and we are going to take you on a ride you will never
forget,” Jack said while placing the little rooster in the front pocket of his coat.
“Cock a doodle doo,” “Cock a doodle doo,” Cowboy crowed “this is a great life!”
as he, Jack, and Anne skied down the side of the mountain.

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  1. Is this the end of cowboy's adventures? I miss reading about him.


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