Thursday, October 29, 2009


Bambi is a success story. She hasn't laid an egg yet... she was adopted from the Conroe Chicken Show the first weekend in October. After 2 weeks of Quaranteen, she escaped and ran to the big girl coop where the trusty German pinned her down. After I realized the damage was done, I put her in the small cage and spent a week acclimating her to the flock. She is a success story for several reasons. She did NOT bring any diseases into our flock and she does NOT belong to any of the sub-flock groups within the FLOCK. She is not a snob to any group. She eats with everyone, snuggles and roosts with everyone and occasionally picks on the buffs when they get annoying, just like everyone else. She is a successful introduction and a great addition to our family. I am hoping that what her previous owner said is true and I am expecting OLIVE green eggs from her. The story is that she had already started laying her pullet eggs and that is what color they were. It takes about 30 days for a new chicken to get calmed down and relaxed enough in new surroundings so we are looking for an egg any day now...


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