Thursday, October 8, 2009

FYI Regarding Chicken Tails

In regard to my recent post about RIR Chicken Tails, i would like you all to know that other people who know more about chickens than i do (maybe) dispute the look-at-the-tail method of sexing.

So, i will use this as an experiment for accuracy. I hope the Mardis peep-lovers will also report their accuracy. And we will see how accurate our numbers are.

I have tried and tried to find the BYC thread where i learned about this, but can't seem to re-find it. So, now i only have the dissenters. But some people are just pessimists, and i'm not one of them. So we will see.



  1. Thanks Beth and yes we have 2 RIR hens!! YAY

  2. Breeze is prophetic and speaks the truth.. I believe it too... RED is too pretty to be a boy!


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