Friday, October 9, 2009

Photo Shoot

I'm told that people like to see this stuff. So here's some of my pics from my 10/7/09 chicken photo shoot.


8 1/2 week-old Rhode Island Red Cockerels

This one is also known as "Frying Pan."

5 week-old Barred Rock Pullets

5 week-old Rhode Island Red Pullet

5 week-old Buff Orpington Pullet (with purple paint stripes)
This is the one who always flies out and lights on my shoulder. I really think she prefers my shoulder to the other chickens.

3 week-old Rhode Island Red Cockerel(we think)

3 week-old Rhode Island Red runt Cockerel(again, we think)
This one is a full week behind his brother developmentally. He's super sweet and possibly my favorite.

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  1. WOW

    Third photo looks like a pro took it..... I love them all.... little Psycho is a sweet little runt.


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