Tuesday, October 6, 2009



I was very bummed about the amount of chicks from my first incubator hatch. I had promised three of my Best Bird Buddies RIR pullets and roosters.. I was hoping on a couple of youngins myself. With such a small hatch... I did good to give all three of my buds RIRs at all. There were not enough to keep any and that was OK with me... I was disappointed but it was NOT the end of the world. My BBB who wanted only roosters ended up with an extra pullet and with the other two BBB already content with what they had.... the pullet went to ME ME ME!~ and of course she is the best of the bunch..

I already have two 22 week old RIR pullets named Ginger and Cinnamon. I cannot think of another RED spice. I do not want to name her Cayenne or Pepper (already have a BR named Pepper and Cayenne is a stupid name).. so unless someone can help think of a red spice her name is RED. She is a darling little chick. She is so happy to be home and she is already apart of flock #3 which consists of 4 Wheaten Ameraucanas (Darcy, Bengley, Elizabeth and Jane) and 2 Easter Eggers and 1 mystery chick) totalling 8 baby chicks on the front porch.... LIFE IS GOOD!
no need to freak out world- I have already relocated 7 SEVEN roosters so I am technically only up ONE...


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