Thursday, November 26, 2009

10 count em TEN

The day is still early, it is barely noon, and look what I find in the nest! This is already a record day, and I just saw two more pullets heading in to the hen house... OMG


  1. Plus ONE makes 11 ELEVEN ....

  2. WOO HOO!!!

    How awesome is that! Makes all the previous months worth it, doesn' it? =D

    Way happy for you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. It will be better after next Tuesday when I get to eat them all.....

    We have to wait 2 weeks after last day of Cocci Treatment

    Aauuggh! I counted 26 chickens now...... that sounds good.. after Velvet and the two Buffs move that is..

    I am going to keep the red heater light on every night that we are in the 50s or below. I think it is also helping them to lay. It is dark enough to sleep I hope. Everytime it is a warm evening I turn it off so they can get some healthy deep REM sleep..... lol


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