Monday, November 9, 2009

Chickens OUTside.

As promised, the run was ready for use by birdies this morning. They got a preview last night, but today was opening day.

It was hard to get any good pictures because they wouldn't hold still.

There was lots of fluttering and jumping and taking off and landing all at once.

Here they are on their way out of the coop. No ramp - didn't turn out to be necessary.

From this side, you can sort of see where he strung wire across the top of the run to discourage overhead predators. I may string some old cd's up there too.

Here, you can kind of see the size-ish of the run. It's between 300 and 350 square feet ( i think ).

The chickens are so much prettier outside. They walk with better posture, and you can see their beautiful colors in the sunlight, and they run and flutter, and they're so lovely! Just lovely!

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  1. OMG Beth.... they are so happy. I hope no preditors climb down those trees..... I have neighbors that just have a large fence no top at al and not even a real coop... only a roost and a roof... so .... this is awesome.

    CDs I bet will work.... what about shade clothe? Sammye topped her with inexpensive SHADE clothe... Ricky and Tanner and Levi topped mine with chicken wire..... and Levi sewed them together with loose wire....


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