Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quiet GIRLS!

So much commotion this morning with the chickens fighting in the hen house... I heard them from all the way inside the house. Cluck Cluck Cluck almost screaming. I thought a squirrel or some other unwelcomed critter had managed to get into the HENhouse. I stopped tending to the grandkids and quickly ran outside and opened the egg door expecting some varmint. All I saw was my bantam hen Juliet very upset sitting on her nest and two or three other pullets scurrying around.

I said "HEY" and everyone stopped being hystericle and we had peace once again.

I finished dressing the grandkids and we all headed outside to work on building a walkway to the coop. Shortly afterwards we heard the white rock hen Cracker, aka "DRAMA QUEEN", announce that she had laid her egg. With the days being shorter, she now lays an egg about every 2 or 3 days, but she is very very proud or it really really hurts.

So we stop what we are doing and we go to gather the egg, and woe and behold what do we see? TWO EGGS! One is very warm and just laid and one is all cooled off.

One of my other girls is finally laying!

BYC old farmer dude knows his stuff... I took his advice and started the girls on Calf Manna just days before we had our Chicken Pox (avian pox) outbreak and then I continued the high protein diet with scrambled eggs along with the calf manna... wow!

Woo Hoo Someone laid their FIRST EGG!
The one on the left is Crackers standard egg,
the new egg is slightly smaller but o so AWESOME!


  1. looks like maybe a buff egg? how old are the buffs?

  2. My brain keeps meaning for me to ask....what is calf manna???? And am i going to regret asking this question?

  3. calf Manna is actually a food high in protein for many animals not just cows.... Henderson Feed sells a no name brand and it lists several animals that use it... including cow and chickens... It gives them some kind of boost...


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