Saturday, November 21, 2009


What a wonderful visit I had picking up the pallet boxes at the Rogers Ranch.

Jelly is the sweetest DOG. I even got to see OEJ and Ginger out in the back 40.

All visitors must practice good hygiene and we get to wear Wal-Mart Goggles on our shoes. Such WISDOM for such a youngin...

The triplets are huge and the rest of the flock look so happy and healthy. Beth and James have a great set up and it is wonderful to see what God is doing in their lives. Beth has planted a garden and her and James have great plans for the future. It won't be much longer and they will be able to supply all of their own needs.

Beth and I really enjoyed being able to talk about "all things chicken" in person! It was a great visit and we will be doing it again real soon. It is a not so long drive now that I know all the short cuts.....

Beth you are a dear and I consider you a treasured friend.. You are so wise and courageous and strong and brave! I am so flabbergasted at all the things you do and the obstacles you face and conquer.

You are so amazing!

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  1. That last picture is awesome! The birds arranged themselves by breed! Did you notice that?

    buff red rock buff rock red buff red red red buff rock buff red

    They're so organized! =D

    Thanks for posting these pictures. I really enjoyed our visit. I love you love you love you!


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