Monday, February 22, 2010

Every Chicken Flock needs a good CHICKEN GUARD PUPPY!

If you are in NEED of a puppy please comment on this post and Beth will read it and get back with you. They are very sweet and they all have puppy breath.


  1. What kind of dogs?
    Ohh, Beth! I really want one but we don't need one. I could show my dad the pictures and MAYBE he might think about it. Waz that J.T.?????? R you going to eat him??

  2. Hey BREEZE......... Yes that was JT.....

    All these puppies are so so cute.... My favorite ones are the tan ones with dark snouts.... they are so sweet....

    I think Beth likes the Black and White one.....

    Are you wanting a girl or boy dog?

  3. Hi Breeze! The dogs' mother is Jelly - i think you've seen her picture around here somewhere. Jelly is a lab/german shepherd/collie mix. She's very smart, affectionate, and she's good with the chickens. The father of the puppies is kind of questionable. They should be medium sized dogs, and a couple of them look just like Jelly. Their eyes just started opening today.

  4. Ohh, how cute! I would want a girl, but I think mom would want NONE!!
    That sounds like a awesome dog and they are SO cute! I think I like the black and white the black one and the brownish one! I like them all!
    LOL, yeah the fathers are pretty much always questionable......they are REALLY cute, but we have 5 dogs already so I think I'm better off just dreaming........

  5. someone out there NEEDS a good puppy.....

  6. ten cents each.


    just kidding. they're free. ;)


bok bok bok