Friday, February 5, 2010

Matches made in HEAVEN and 17 eggs

My Favorite X BIL loaned me his incubator!

Now, while I am waiting for these two to get "after it" I am hatching some RIR purebreds and RIR crossed with BA.... they should be pretty.

I also introduced the famous Black Australorp JT to 5 girls today. He is now sharing his bachelor pad with Bambi Shrek and Tundra (all EE) and Belle the BO and Crackle the WR. The EE will make more EE but the BO BA mix and the BA WR mix will be interesting to see what happens. The plan is to leave them where they are for about a month to increase the fertility percentage of the eggs...... One Roo 5 Pullets... I do not see any reason for less than 100%....

These two pullets became broody at the same time a couple weeks ago. They were both setting on wooden eggs. I was able to round up some fertilized eggs for both of these little Mama's. This made Claire really happy and content, but Sparkle headed for the hills.

If you count the shell less egg that I caught the girls cleaning up, and the one I found in the grass close by....... we collected 17 eggs. 4 of these eggs were GREEN which means one of the young EE pullets has also started laying.

All of the normal eggs are hard shelled and the girls are offered extra calcium as a side dish, so from what I gather, the shell-less eggs are from pullets who are still fine tuning their equipment.


  1. I can't wait to have broody hens. What fun!

  2. Claire abandoned her nest on day 10! The eggs cooled down quite a bit before I realized they were without their "mother". I put the eggs in an incubator and immediatly turned the heat up to 108 and then dropped it back down to 88 degrees....... I thought i knew how to operate this awesome incubator..

    I am now working on finding 100.5.... setting alarm for 2 or 3 am to check it..... If these eggs actually hatch........ it will be so awesome.....


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