Friday, June 18, 2010

My wonderful HENS need saddles

First you cut a piece of fabric 8 inches by 8 inches. (I used the bottom of a pair of blue jeans that I had made into capri pants and it worked perfect. )

You need to trim the wing holes leaving a 3 inch place for the neck.

You will also need a ribbon to run under the neck area and around the hens wings.

This was a very easy project. I will do a much better proffesional job next time when I actually pull out the sewing machine, but my Golden Buff is very appreciative regardless.


  1. Please excuse an ignorant non-farmer, but why do hens need saddles?

  2. Mom,

    Some hens need saddles because they become the favorites of rough roosters.

    Eva's Hansel is a little too rough and likes a couple of his girls a little more than the others. Because of this those girls are losing feathers on their backs and sometimes getting sores on the bare places. So the saddles, sometimes also called aprons, are to protect the hens' backs from the rooster's toe it were.

  3. Plus they're really cute.

    Hopefully Eva will post a PICTURE so everyone can see that..... ;)

  4. O.k., i added Eva's pictures. Very cute stuff!

  5. ok I do not see any pictures what happpend

  6. i don't know. try refresh.

  7. wow..... refresh not working.... can you see pics? If so great.....


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