Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Story About Two Little Chicks

A long time ago, a hen named Kuku, hatched out two beautiful little chicks.

There was Edgar.  Edgar had a hard time getting out of the shell and i helped him out.  They tell you not to do this sort of thing, but it seemed the only option at the time.  Edgar did very well after a little bit of assistance.  At the time, we thought Edgar was a little lady, and we named him Lily.  When we figured out that he was not a Lily, we transferred his name to his female hatchmate.

This is the true Lily.  She is a female black sexlink, the only one i've had to live to maturity.

Edgar and Lily were the only chicks hatched to Kuku, and they stuck together like glue from day one.

They have come to be SO close and SO independent that i have a very hard time taking pictures of them.  Most of the time, when i try, i just get someone's tush.

Then, a few days ago, when i opened up the coop in the morning, Edgar was sitting in the floor of the coop, and didn't look like he was going anywhere.  When i tried to check on him, he hurriedly scampered away, but with a very very bad limp.  Oh no!  There is a deadly and contagious disease that sometimes presents this way in chickens, and at first my mind started to panic on me.  But, be still my soul, it turned out not to be so bad.  I isolated Edgar, gave him his own food and water so he wouldn't have to walk so much, and decided to watch and wait.  I was very pleased to see that Edgar was eager to eat and very vigorous.  And after a day or so, he was carefully using his bum foot.  Hallelujah!  Maybe it was just a sprained ankle.

After a few days in isolation, i decided to open the door to his area and let him decide when he wanted to join the flock.

When i came back to check on him mid-morning, i found him still in his isolation spot, but with company.  Lily had joined him.  She had missed him so much!  Since then, they have hardly left each others' side, stuck more to each other than they were before.  Edgar is still resting a lot, so Lily rests with him.  And today, i was finally able to get pictures of the lovely couple.

Haha! After i passed by the first time, they traded places.  I guess Lily needs Edgar to protect her from me!  

Two of the most beautiful birds i've raised so far.

This has been the story of Edgar and his limp.

Thanks for reading!


  1. they are so happy together..... Really Beth they are so beautiful. I just know that they will be happy growing OLD together....

    Love you

  2. You might be interested to know that a couple days after i wrote this, i started noticing that Edgar wasn't being very friendly toward Lily anymore. He was kind of running her off, like he was annoyed with her. Then the next day, i saw her hangin' with Junior. Chickens aren't THAT sentimental. ;)


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