Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miss Charlottes First Baby Chick

It is so much easier to let the mamas hatch and raise their young. This is Charlottes very first success story. She has been broody off and on for several months. In the henhouse she gets nervous and also keeps all the other girls from entering the nesting boxes. On one occasion her and the crazy bantam hen I call Patsy Cline were both broody and actually fought over the eggs and somehow moved them from nest to nest. They broke a few eggs in the process. Moving Miss Charlotte to her own "space" has given her much peace and has also been less stressful for the entire flock. Thanks for the advice Beth!


  1. Yay! Baby chickies! How many have hatched so far?

  2. ONE..... this is it.... today this one looks like a girl.... but I will check her wings again tomorrow. I put my hand on mama's face quickly as you had suggested and it worked. I was able to check the other eggs. ONE is peeping..... so I am hoping to have another baby tomorrow.. so far Miss Charlotte is a great mama

  3. Baby chicks are the best :)

    My two experiences with letting broody hens hatch left me very happy to have my incubator... funny how things can differ from coop to coop!

    Mama hen is gorgeous btw.

  4. Thank you .... I like the incubator for the hatch rate but I like the mama for the after hatch raising...... she does all the work


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