Monday, August 16, 2010

More Wing-sexing and a Clarification

It should be noted that these wing-sexing pictures are part of an experiment more than anything.  Wing-sexing is not known to be accurate in the back yard flock, since some hatcheries breed specifically for the growth of the wings, so that their chicks can be wing-sexed.  I have a personal wonderment that i am testing here, and i'm letting you watch.  So i guess we'll see about it.

This is the second day in a row of wing pictures of my chicks that hatched Friday night through Saturday morning.  For some of them, today is day three, and wing-sexing (for the sake of this experiment) is no longer valid after today.

For your entertainment - and because they're so extremely cute - i am including pictures of the actual chicks this time.  *Chick numbers are probably not the same as yesterday's.  I can only tell two of them from the rest.

Chick #1:  My black sexlink.
Girl, for sure.

Chick #2:
The only brown one.  I've thought this one was a girl, but i might be wavering.  Time will have to tell.

Chick #3:
Girl, i think.

Chick #4:
Eva said she thought this one might be a girl, but i'm still going with boy.

Chick #5:
I think i have to stick with boy on this one too.

Chick #6:

Chick #7:
Isn't she bashful?  Girl.

Chick #8:

And here's a group shot.  Aren't they adorable!  I never get tired of baby chicks.

I think that some of my guesses today might be opposite from yesterday.

Eva said 5 girls and 3 boys yesterday.  Today, i might agree with her.  Maybe.  I would love to be able to sex my chicks.  But it's so hard to say.

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  1. I am so glad that you have a for sure girl to compare them to...

    The fuzzy ones are so hard for me.... I wish you could mark the ones that look the same so you could compare the growth.

    I am sticking with 5 and 3...... for now


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