Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Easter Eggers

This is Bingley! He is getting more beautiful as he matures.

He likes the "bed head" look!

He looks like such a wise Roo with his beard and frumpt up hair..... and his little Robin Hood hat of a comb. He is so lovely!

Look at these wonderful eggs!

Everyone EXCEPT the WELLSUMMERS are laying. This carton has BO= WA= EE =Catalana and Ancona eggs..

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  1. I looove EE's!! I have some that are pure (well, as pure as a mixed breed such as the EE can be, LOL) and some that are mixed with laying hens - sexlinks - those are my favorite as the girls start laying before 20 weeks of age, the eggs are huge, plentiful and .... olive green :-D

    Love your roo, he has an unusual comb for an EE though :)


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