Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Chicks

My second very successful hatch finished up this morning.  This is my 3rd incubator hatch ever and my second at 96%.  I'm not bragging, mind you.  I am very pleased.  But i have simply followed instructions given to me by the more experienced.  Clearly they were right.  Out of 24 eggs, 23 chicks hatched healthy and strong.  I haven't cracked open the 24th egg yet.  It is in the fridge.

I never get tired of chicks.  Here are more pictures.

A RIR/BO cross.

Maybe a BO?  Not sure 'cause the daddy is no longer with us, but i suppose his seed might still be.  Don't worry; those aren't carunkles on his face.  I had just dipped all their beaks in water and food before i took these pictures.

A female Black Sex Link.  You can tell she's a she because the top of her head is solid black.

This is a male Black Sex Link.  See the big white spot?  That's how we know.

Here is another male Black Sex Link, but his "spot" is much more convincing.  Ha!

Group pics!

Oh, and this is Jelly, who is very excited about every new hatch of baby chicks!

These chicks are for sale, by the way.  Anyone interested?


  1. absolutly darling!

  2. I am very interested.... we could trade..... lol

  3. You MUST tell me your secret for taking such good pics of wiggling baby chicks under heating lamps! Please! :-) Oh and they are adoooorable, baby chicks are like crack aren't they? Congrats on a fabulous hatch!

  4. Technodoll, you are too too kind. I'm afraid i have no secrets. I click and hope for the best. And i take tons of shots so that i have a few that are hopefully show-off-able. It is also helpful that my brooder is raised so that i can get face level shots of my chicks. But no secrets here, i promise. Thanks for the compliments! =)

  5. this is not a new post

  6. I would buy them!!!!
    knowing my luck they would all be cockerels!

  7. Too bad i can't ship them that far! ;)


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