Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pure Breed Fertillized EGGS $10 a dozen

The Ancona is a rare bird. They are lightweight and great producers of a large white egg. These birds are flighty. They are beautiful black with white polka dots and a very large single comb.

The Catalana are a dual purpose bird with a very layed back temperment. They have white earlobes and lay a pretty cream colored off white egg.

Easter Eggers are a actually a cross breed with the blue egg gene present. All of the Easter Eggers (aka Americanas) are fathered by this beautiful Red Rooster. Easter Eggers can lay many colors, pink, tan, brown, green or blue.

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  1. All beautfiul birds! I always think the white lobe chickens look like they are wearing ear rings :)
    Amy at Verde Farm


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