Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am so in love with this cross, i thought i would share.  This is Edgar, on the right.  He's a bit of a blur, since he won't hold still for pictures since his near death experience.  But you can kind of see his coloring.  On top of the terra cotta base, there's a gorgeous fiery orange, especially in his hackle and saddle feathers.  It's superb!

This is Terra, who has been unimaginatively named for her beautiful deep terra cotta color.

These chickens are a product of a cross between my treasured Rhode Island Red rooster, Rocky, and one of several Buff Orpington hens.  These pictures really don't do them justice, but i'm so in love with the color, that i'm thinking of trying to learn more about chicken genetics (a subject which tends to elude me) and see if i can get this color to somehow breed true.  I'm pretty sure this would mean developing an entirely new breed.  But hey, better to shoot for the moon, right?

Every time i look back up at that picture, i'm in love again.


  1. Can Edgar and Terra become a couple now since Edgar dodged the AXE...

    Why not stick them in a rabbit cage and see what happens.....??


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