Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beautiful Flock Roosters! Soon to be homeless and flockless! Help!

This is Rocky.  He's a 1 1/2 year old Rhode Island Rooster, who needs a new flock.  Yesterday, his flock just picked up and moved in to some other guy's new place.  Ungrateful biddies!  And now he has no one too look after.  He's unaggressive toward humans, gentle on the ladies, and great and watching for predators.  Besides all that, he's really nice to look at.  In person is much better than it is in this picture.  Won't you please give him a home? 

This is Edgar, Rocky's son.  He's about 9 months old, and his mom is a beautiful buff orpington.  His beautiful orange color and his skill at escaping from butcher knives earned him a treasured position in Rogers Country, but now it is time for him to move on to his own flock.  He has had a great teacher, and he is amazing to look at.  Will you give him a chance?

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