Monday, August 1, 2011

ANCONA-The Beautiful low maintenance BIRD..

IT IS SO HOT in this TEXAS HEAT WAVE that................

babies are sharing puppy pools, and goats are asking to be milked randomly all day long and white dogs are rolling in the mud and the chickens have all but stopped laying

We now have fans blowing thru each coop and lots of extra water.

The Ancona Chickens are the birds that we are currently focussing on.

9 new little chicks just hatched out of the incubator TODAY. We plan on setting one more batch of ANCONA eggs before September.

Anyone who wants to have plenty of eggs and keep chickens on a budget should consider the Ancona. They would rather eat grass and bugs than anything else. We fill their feeder half as much as the rest of the flocks. They just keep on laying.

These birds eat very little and lay more eggs than any of my other breeds. But even the ANCONA finally had enough of this heat and called it quits when we reached a whoppin 108 degrees.

We have since increased our protein and artificial wind and now we are back in production. These birds are hyper and lightweight, and before the heat wave these four girls layed 4 nice size WHITE eggs a day and sometimes even 6. I still don't understand that one.... but it has happened more than once. How can 4 hens lay 6 eggs?


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