Monday, November 19, 2012

New Beginnings 12 days old!

Leghorn 12 day old chick

These little chicks are growing so fast.  I forgot that they change everyday.  I am busy preparing a larger area for them as soon as they have all their feathers.  When they are 3 weeks old they will be moved into a less warm more fresh air spot where they can stretch their wings and GROW.   Everything being at a brand new fresh start around here feels really good.  Aren't they sweet.

Buff Orpington 12 days old

Rhode Island Whites 12 days old

Easter Egger chicks 12 days old

With the chicks changing and growing so quickly I realized that I was soon going to be loosing the hatchery markings on the RIWs.  I needed to mark them now!  What better time for a quick photo shoot?

61 Babies in a BOX


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