Friday, June 26, 2009

15 Weeks

Here are my beautiful Buff Orpington chickens on their 15 week birthday.

I was trying to take some 15 week pictures, preferrably with their faces involved, when they simultaneously mooned me.

Here i have sort of documented the process of roosting on the truck. They kind of wander around the truck, eyeing the hood for several minutes...

And then end up here....until i put them to bed in a more secure location.

This situation is temporary. We are very nearly finished with a monstrous chicken coop that is designed to keep the beauties safe from the evils of the woods. Until then, our truck apparently seems like a very good place to roost.

On this particular occasion, along with their 15 week birthday, i also intended to do some chicken inspection. Specifically i wanted to give Daisy a little health check up. Daisy has placed herself as the Big Mama since the other three chickens were lost, and has been completely unwilling to be handled by me. She's too good for that.
The inspection i wanted to do wasn't much.....check under the feathers for mites or lice, feel the crop, and just give a good looking over......she wasn't having it. And when she figured out that we were trying to our hands on HER, she decided to reach for new heights and flew to the top of the truck.

The other two chickens were horribly jealous and kept looking for a way to get up there with her but apparently didn't have quite the attitude to accomplish it.

In the end, Daisy did get her inspection, but it was not peaceful.


  1. OMG I love it....... poor DAISY..... did she check out ok?

  2. well, mostly we established (thanks to James) that she's not exempt from being held and examined. the exam wasn't really successful, but with all that vim and vigor, how sick could she be, right? =)

  3. Is Daisy a bit redder than the others?

  4. No, actually Daffy is. She is the reddest. And this week, she and Genny have gotten very red. It's a very dramatic change. I guess they're really getting ready to be little hens. =)

    Also, there has been a full blown upheaval in the pecking order. Daffy has taken over, and she is very aggressive about it. She is the big mama now!


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