Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Velvet Rooster!

My favorite little chicken is Velvet. The older Velvet gets, the more she looks like a rooster. If he is a rooster, and gets raised up in the same flock with James, everything will be ok as long as Velvet remembers his place. He will be number THREE. James, Juliet and then Velvet.

All of the chickens are in that funky teenager stage. Velvet looks very uncomfortable and adorable. These babies are changing every day. Tomorrow they will all look different and be a little more grown. One day soon Velvet will be beautiful. But right now he looks itchy and miserable.


  1. wow!
    velvet could definitely win an ugly chicken contest right now!

  2. do you think that he is absolutely a Rooster?

  3. Wow looks like this guy tangled with the garbage disposal!! LOL

  4. He looks better and better every day......... still ugly


bok bok bok