Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bantam EGGS

My sweet little Juliet lays one egg almost every single day. Her eggs are tiny but she is consistent. Three of her eggs are equivalent to one large egg from the super market.

BTW - Juliet's favorite color is BLUE!


  1. haha!

    that's cool!

    the picture with the yolks looks like it's going to be smiley face. =)

  2. One standard egg yolk and two banny yokes. I wish I would have taken a pic of three banny yolks with one large egg...... for the story.... next time

  3. Beth.... I have been letting my girls out almost everyday. They enjoy free ranging and I know they are eating bugs worms and mosquitos too. Maybe your girls didn't slim up because of all the running around.. maybe they slimmed up because they are at the almost grown adolescent stage or something like that..... My girls are in such tight quarters that I feel like it is a relief for them to be out and about running and playing. Only problem is I do not 100% trust my German Shepherd. He helps me put them up and thinks that is his "job" so unless he is on his chain, he is chasing them back into their hen house.

    One obstacle at a time....

  4. Beth.... I just added a photo to this post so you could see the egg that Juliet lays dadgum nearly every single day.... next to the wooden brown realistic looking egg. Ms Henderson @HendersonFeed explained to me that it takes 24 hours for a egg to 'form' but that chickens can have more than one egg 'under construction' at a time, leading to an egg a day or even two eggs a day occasionally. woo hoo! Ms Henderson is so knowledgeable.


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