Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicken Love Renewed - as told by Eva Joy

Back in the 80's we had chickens twice. The first time was a group of bantams that hatched a bunch of youngins twice. This was a blast for my little boys to experience. We also had a mean huge rooster who attacked me every time I fed or watered them. He ended up in a pot of chicken and dumplings.

The second time was with Rhode Island Reds and Dominikers, mainly for the eggs. We had a Rottwiller named Jake who really liked these chickens. One time he got a hold of a hen and messed her up pretty bad. I had to get the gun and put her out of her misery. It was the right thing to do... only problem was that I had never shot a gun before so of course I missed. The gun made a loud noise, and that hen sat straight up and looked at me SHOCKED. I guess she died from a heart attack.

I have wanted chickens again for years and it just hasn't happened. About a month ago, my dear friend Sandy gave me two pair of chickens. I was unable to keep one of the couples because of my roosterphobia, but the bantams have been a pleasure. This ignited the joy of chicken raising again that I had been suppressing.

I went to the feed store and purchased 4 pullets to add to the group. A week later the feed store was growing weary of chasing flying chicks all over the store so they had a great sale. Buy one get five free! I called Sammye and Connie to see if they wanted chickens, and I kept them all at my house as long as was humanly possible. I had 29 chickens. It was crazy.

I thought I could just put them all together and pull them out when Connie and Sammye had their coops ready. How naive.

My bantam rooster just about killed a full size domineker that I was trying to introduce to the group, so I had to keep all the babies separated. This turned out to be a big fat headache. I had chickens in the house in large tubs, on the porch in cages, and in the back yard.

Everyone now has their own chicks! They are being spoiled and cared for much better and it is time to let them go. I have called to check on them enough, and Sammye and Connie are excellent mommies and they do not need any help from me at all.

Now it is time to obsess over these 16 and make them a yard of their own.

My little black frizzle bantam is my absolute favorite. Her name is VELVET and she is adorable.

Claire is the largest of the two buff Orpingtons and she is second only to Velvet. These chickens are such a trip. I am so happy to have them.

This is Claire and Lola.

I look forward to hearing James crow in the mornings. I needed these chickens as silly as that sounds. God fills all the places in my heart and He has blessed me so much by allowing me to care for these wonderful little birds. Sandy kindled the fire and now I have 10 nice little chicks, 1 bantam rooster, 1 bantam hen, 2 chicks I am babysitting till Sandy gets back in town, and 2 trouble maker chicks of a breed that I will forever stay clear of.

FYI -the meanest most aggressive chicks in the group who cannot seem to stay out of trouble are the two brahma bantams. They think they are bad stuff (and they are).


  1. what an awesome collage.... Beth you made this Chicken Chat so great!

    I am very excited....... I found an egg today before it got destroyed by chicks...... I need to get some golf balls quickly and train missy prissy to lay her eggs in a better location...


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