Saturday, June 20, 2009


This nice young couple stick together like glue. This is the pair of Bantams that my dear friend SANDY gave me that started this whole thing for me.. James is head hancho and Juliet is second in command.... this is already a well established FACT!

Enoch..... what can I say about the second best dog in the world...
Knock Knock protects and guards over all of the chickens. He has had 4 opportunities to kill and devour and has NOT.

I have been way over protective over all these babies. Everyone of these chickens have spent time in my actual HOUSE. CRAZY... totally unnecessary but I had no idea so I did what I thought I had to do. So by the time I put them all outside.... I was not going to go through all of that hassle to have some dadgum dog eat my babies.
One day I was cleaning out the yard and 4 young chicks just walked right out.... I could not make it fast enough to stop them so all I did was yell in slow motion "NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!"

Enoch looked at the chickens..... looked at me.... and then went and laid down behind a lawn chair out of the way and just watched me run and run and chase and shoo. I was so proud of him. I loved on him and told him what a great dog he was.... and all of that good stuff. Now when the chickens get out..... I actually call him and he helps me chase them back into the pen..... very good dog....

Graceson and Enoch sit and enjoy a moment together watching the chickens. What is it about chickens that is so comforting?
They are so enjoyable and peaceful and calming.

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  1. i agree.

    i was so surprised at how much relaxation i could get just by looking over at the chickens clucking around in their pen.

    serious stress reliever.

    and thank you for the lovely narrative. i feel much more enlightened now. =)


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