Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Confessions of delivered obsessiveness

I love chickens. I am not sure if this is ok or not with God. I am still working that out. I know that LOVE is a very strong word. I love my children and grand-children, and I really like Enoch ..... but there is something somewhere in between that I feel for these dadgum birds. I am not sure what it is. My Grandfather was a farmer. I remember planting and harvesting potatoes with him and feeding chickens and pigs and a cow.

I loved my Grandfather and admired and respected him. He was a good man and he loved all of us and it showed. These chickens make me feel the same way that I feel when I garden, close to him. When purchasing all of my little chicks, I was told that there would be no more chicks available till March of 2010. So when the great and final chicken SALE occurred, I needed to make sure that I had all the babies I wanted and that all my friends had a chance to do the same thing. Now- these GIRLS (and I suspect one little rooster) are all teenagers now and pretty much take care of themselves.

(They already know EVERYTHING, they are teenagers!)

Other than watching for the little blood spot on the back, daily feeding and watering is all that is required. The hard work has all been done... in hindsight I can see where I did not actually have to do many of the things that I did to protect them while they were but mere chicks. Enoch has since passed many tests and I now know that he is not planning on eating anyone. He is very curious and likes to watch them.

With all this information in my head, I was amazed when I saw hundreds of baby chicks being sold at the makeshift flea market on the way home Friday. OMG..... so early.... not even 2010 yet. Is this possible? WOW. So Caleb and Jade and I get out and look and find 6 of the cutest little chicks! OMG...... 3 standard chicks with feathers down to their toes....... and 3 bantams. These chickens had not been sexed yet but lucky for me, I had paid close attention at the feed store. I tested each one. All responded as if they were hens and one of them kept changing HER mind...... so I should have 5 hopefully 6 hens.

NO more I am done......If my calculations are correct, we will have a dozen eggs a day.... for all the pregnant JoyHouse residents and neighbors and plenty to sell to pay for their own feed.

I did not ask GOD if I could get 6 more chicks. This is where I messed up. I have since repented, and asked HIM to please show me ME. He has and it is NOT pretty. Nothing can fill that empty place in me but HIM. Too much of a good thing is NOT GOOD. I do not have to collect one of every kind of chicken in the entire world. It is a good thing and He wants me to enjoy them and care for them and learn to make many different quiches.

God is so loving and compassionate and understanding and forgiving and merciful and WISE and gentle and such a good DADDY.

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  1. i am so excited...... I let all the chickens out and they did GREAT! They had so much fun and all came back in no problem. I chained the dog up and let him get used to them running everywhere, and then after 7 I let him off the chain and he walked amongst them and they were fine but concerned enough about him that they slowly went back to their henhouse and I locked them up... It was great!


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