Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Part Time Free Range the perfect answer

Too many chickens for such a small space......... and WHOSE FAULT IS THIS? MINE!
They are getting bigger and bigger so fast OMG they are the fastest growing critters. Almost overnight they seem to be doubling in size....
Sammye had mentioned that she was thinking about keeping her dogs inside for a couple hours and let her girls out...... Beth allows her girls to free range 16/7 .......
So on a whim about 5:30 tonight I chained up Knock Knock and opened the gate. It was very exciting. Graceson and Izzy were so excited. The chickens were happy and fun was had by all!
About 7:30 Enoch coaxed them all back home and we had a very successful first field trip ever.

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  1. the RIGHT dog with chickens must be priceless. i would never worry about them if i had a trustworthy working dog out there keeping track of them.
    that's what i want God to give me for Christmas - a good, low key, wonderful with chickens, cats, goats, cows, and whatever else, rarely barking, obedient dog. =)


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