Monday, July 13, 2009

Beth's Herd 18 Weeks

I recently realized that the video function on my tiny little digital camera might have the possibility of translating to video on a blog.

So today is my girls' 18 week birthday. And i thought i would show you their nightly ritual of roosting on the truck. Not very exciting, but this IS a chicken blog.

And then i ran out of batteries on my camera, and when i went back to finish the video after finding batteries, i forgot to push the button so that i would be actually recording. So there's my first try.


  1. and...apparently i didn't actually upload anything.

  2. o BETH.... they are so beautiful. I love your girls too..... How long do they roost on truck before bedtime?

  3. and that WAS very exciting.......and perfect for the Chicken Chat blog

  4. 30 minutes or so - depending on how long i leave them and how soon i want to go to bed =)

  5. I wonder if they would try to stay there all night. Silly girls....

  6. You will have to teach me how to post a video now that you are the expert..... I had to ask Jessica to post mine on Bedste blog and she went through YOUTUBE.....

    I have a gross chicken question for you.... YOU are the one who posted the links to all the poop photos,,,, do you think it is ok if it is occasionally loose and watery?

  7. Yes, especially right now when it's hot. Their poop is loose and watery because they're drinking extra water to cool down. And that seems to me to be a good thing. Right now, i'm more concerned when their poop is too dry looking.

    Actually, that's one of the pics in the poop pic post.

    For the video, there is an icon that looks like a filmstrip that is right beside the icon you click to load pictures on blogger. Then it leads you through, but it takes a long time.

  8. Hey..... I am comforted by your poo poo pics.... I found the one that looks like their poop and it is probably because they are too hot and drinking lots of water....

    I am NOT putting them back in the tub but I will move them to a cooler location in a different cage..... YIPPEEEE your photos are great Beth. That was fantastic to simply click on POOP and now I am not overly concerned. THANK YOU for putting this Blog together... very helpful indeed.!!!

  9. Good Morning Peeps...

    This morning on my way home from the Mardis Ranch I stopped in on Sandy Hernandy.... She is my best buddy in Midway (BBM) and she knows it... She has been tending to chickens every since she moved to Texas, about 100 years ago. She has such nuggets of wisdom. She reminded me of several things this morning.

    Chickens are dumb
    They rely on us for all their needs including
    protection from predators-clean food and water-HAY IN THEIR NESTs-and a roof over their heads.

    One time in the middle of the night, her and Paul heard them CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK, and when they got out there a possum was on the roost WITH THE CHICKENS headed straight for them. The hens just cuddled together waiting doing nothing except CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK!

    They really do NEED us to watch over them and tend to them.

    Sandy also reminded me that they need their space and I am squashing my girls. She was happy to learn that I free range them at least once a day when I am home.


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