Monday, July 13, 2009

Breeze's Babes and Mardis's Maminals

This morning I got to go out to visit the young hens at the Mardis home. They are so pretty and very happy. They were glad to see me but quickly realized I was a stranger. They were very curious about the green light on the camera and it was funny to see how they reacted to it. Their new home is very awesome and almost finished. All the dogs were chillaxin and enjoying the nice morning weather and keeping the chicks company.

Breeze has one silver laced wyandotte and four australorps. They will all grow up to be beautiful birds. I am posting what they look like now and what a full grown version looks like too!


  1. You have some really nice chickens, and I like the dogs also.

  2. they're very cute checking out your camera like that. they are going to be beautiful chickens!


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