Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cowboy goes to the Fair: Ch 2

Chapter 2

There’s Nothing To Fear

Cowboy had never seen so many people in one place or the strange
shiny things standing high in the sky. Jack carried Cowboy through a gate then entered a
big building that looked like his barn except a hundred times bigger. There were
rows of stalls lining each side of the walls and down the middle of the building. The stalls
held sheep, goats, cows, pigs and something Cowboy had never seen before, Jack called
it a llama. People were in the stalls brushing the animals and giving them food and water,
other people were walking by telling the animals how nice they looked. “I hope people
say that to me.” Cowboy thought.
As Farmer Jack and Cowboy were about to leave the building ,Cowboy heard a
crying sound. He had never heard any sounds like that before and it made him feel very
sad. He looked in the direction of the sound, then crowed to get Jack’s attention.
Jack new Cowboy well enough that when he crowed that loud it was for a reason. Jack
began to walk in the direction that Cowboy was looking. As Jack got closer to the sound
Cowboy saw where it was coming from. There sitting on the floor, in front of a calf stall ,
was the prettiest thing he had ever seen. It was a little girl dressed in blue jeans, a blue
plaid shirt, and a white cowboy hat sitting on her long blonde hair. She was holding her
hands over her face as she cried, “ Don’t make me touch it, it will bite me.” When
Cowboy heard her words he remembered the Bob Cat that was trying to get into the
chicken yard. He was afraid also but he took a breath of courage and scared the Bob Cat
away. Cowboy new he had to do something to help the little girl conquer her fear of the
After much thought he new he had to get out of his cage and get to the little girl.
He crowed once more and began trying to open the cage door. Jack some how knew that
he had to follow the leading of his little rooster, so he took him out of the cage and set
him on the floor. Cowboy slowly walked towards the child talking to her in his own little
language. “ Don’t be afraid, I wont hurt you”. The little girl stopped crying and reached
for Cowboy and cuddled him in her warm little arms. “I like him mommy but not the
Cowboy knew that his job wasn’t finished with the child. She still had a terrible
fear that she had to over come, but how? The young heifer didn’t like the child being
afraid of her either so she made a suggestion to Cowboy. “Moo” “Why don’t you fly upon
my back then the child will see that I won’t bite.” Cowboy thought that was a good idea,
so he wiggled out of the girls tight little grip and flew upon the heifers back. The child
jumped to her feet, clapped her hands, and giggled as loud as she could, then shouted “I
want to pet the cow mommy and the chicken too “.
The little girl was happy because she had conquered her fear. Cowboy was happy
that he got to help the child, Farmer Jack was happy because he has such a special
rooster, and Misty, the heifer, was happy because she had made a new friend, Cowboy.


  1. yay! what a sweet chapter!

    i love that cowboy recognizes that he has a job to do wherever he goes. we should be like that.

  2. regardless of all his short comings he is full of confidence and focussed


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