Wednesday, July 22, 2009

chickens chickens chickens

Lots of good news this week.. but this blog is for CHICKENS so I will stick to the chicken stuff.

#1-Bigger cage for babies....

#2-Jeanne has new babies to add to her RIR flock...

#3-Juliet is very happy,

#4-ONLY two of the random roadside sale-chicks have large red combs on their heads,

#5=Velvet is still the ugliest chicken in the flock,

#6- Enoch finally got let off the chain and

#7- the girls experienced their first RAIN!

Molly Megan Steve Shrek Charlotte Holly and Crystal all have a new home! They have long ago outgrown their "temporary" small cage even though branches keep being added to increase the square footage ratio for these babies..... tight is an understatement only OUTDONE by their sisters out in the big girl coop who are so cramped that they literally are standing at the gate each morning waiting to be let out.... Whose fault is this again? Why are these poor girls so squashed? Why is it impossible for them to even stretch out their wings and flap? Who decided to get 20 chickens with NO HENHOUSE? o yea, ME.

Brenda decided that one of her grand daughters desperately needs a little bunny....... and the rest is history....

Bye Bye Babbit and hello breathing room........

This is the Chicken Blog and not the Rabbit Blog. If you would like to see more on Babbit check out the

BTW...... Juliett has been working really really hard on hatching two wooden eggs for more than a week.. so I caved and gave her 5 fertilized rhode island red eggs from my friend Jeanne's coop... She has the newly hatched little red babies...and the huge red roosters featured in this post...





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