Monday, July 20, 2009

Cowboy goes to the Fair: Ch 4

Chapter 4

You Can Do It

As the day turned into evening people began coming into the chicken barn by the
hundreds. Every size, young, old, and all kinds of colors. This was the most exciting
thing Cowboy had ever experienced. He almost felt bad because Trouble didn’t get to
come, but Trouble was doing what he always did best, making trouble for himself.
As Cowboy stood in his cage greeting all the visitors he noticed something he had
never seen before. Coming up the aisle was a little boy in some sort of a car, it had two
wheels but no motor, he could tell that for sure because his daddy was pushing it. As
the little boy got a little closer Cowboy noticed that there was something wrong with the
child’s foot. In fact his foot looked kind of like his own foot. “Look dad” the little boy
said pointing towards Cowboy. “Take me closer to him daddy.” When the child saw
Cowboy something special happened, the two had found someone like themselves. They
both had what was called a Club Foot. “Look, Mike” said the father “the little rooster can
walk on his hurt foot, and the doctor said that you could too.” About then Cowboy got an
idea, he had watched Farmer Jack open the cage door several times and he was sure he
could open it too. The door latch was a little high for Cowboy to reach no matter how for
he stretched his neck, then he thought , “If I jump, flap my wings, and stretch, then I can
reach the latch” and that’s just what he did. The door flew open and the little bird flew to
the floor. All the people standing around looked at the rooster and were amazed that the
tiny little guy could do such a thing. “What’s he doing?” people were asking each other.
Curiosity was growing and more people gathered to see what Cowboy would do next.
The little rooster walked to where the child was sitting in his strange car, he looked right
into his eyes and crowed three times. “Get up little boy, you can walk also.” Then
Cowboy would turn from the child and walk a short distance then face the child again.
“Cock a doodle do” “You can walk also” Then he went back to the child. The boys father
knew what the little rooster was doing, he was encouraging his son to walk. “ Mike you
can walk like the rooster, just take my hand and I will help you.” The boy took his
father’s hand and stood to his feet. Cowboy ran back to the boy and stood beside him.
“Cock a doodle do” “Lets do it together” As Cowboy took a step, so did Mike. The father
began to shout “you can walk Mike, you can walk” Everyone began to clap there hands
and cheer for the little boy and for Cowboy also because he had taught him how to walk.
“Cowboy you are a winner in my eyes, thank you, said the father.”


  1. what a great chicken!

    great chapter, Frances!

  2. very encouraging uplifting and motivating


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