Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cowboy goes to the Fair: Ch 3

With several books it will take for ever if I only post one chapter a week, so I will post two.

Chapter 3
The Rude Rooster

Cowboy got excited when he heard all the roosters crowing, he knew he was on
his way to the show room for the best roosters in the state of Texas. Fear once again
entered Cowboy’s little heart as he saw hundreds of chickens of every color and every
size. Farmer Jack could tell that Cowboy was a little uneasy. “Hey little guy,” Jack said
with a smile on his face, “remember you’re here for the smallest rooster category, don’t
let the size of the others bother you.” Jack was so understanding and always said the right
words to cheer him up. Cowboy took his deep breath of courage, crowed his loudest crow
he could muster up and said hello to the other roosters in their cages. Cock a doodle doo’s
rang throughout the large building as a reply to Cowboys hello. “Good luck” came from
one cage, “you can do it “ came from another. The friendly big roosters gave Cowboy the
encouragement he needed, he raised his head high and was ready to meet his competition.
As Jack entered the smallest rooster area a man motioned for him to come to a
near by table. The gentleman handed Jack a tag for Cowboys cage and a form to fill out.
“Make sure to put his name on the tag the man instructed then set his cage over there”
pointing to an empty spot.
Cowboy was excited, he looked around and he surely was the smallest rooster
out of the twenty three roosters that were there. If the judges pick the winner by size he
just knew he would walk away with the blue ribbon.
While Cowboy was day dreaming about his picture being in the newspaper he was
rudely interrupted. “Hey you!” Cowboy looked in the direction the voice was coming
from. “Are you talking to me?” he responded with a smile. “Yea, I’m talking to you. How
did a crippled little rooster like you get the name Cowboy?” Cowboy was surprised by the
ugly words the rooster in the pen next to him had said, but he also new that it would be
rude not to answer him back. “My friends named me Cowboy and I happen to like my
name.” The cocky rooster yelled to the other roosters, “Cowboy with a hurt foot thinks he
has a great name, and I bet he even thinks he’ll win this contest.” Cowboy could hardly
believe there was other roosters that were as mean as Trouble. “Yes, my name is Cowboy
and yes, I was hatched with a hurt foot, but it doesn’t matter if I win the contest or not .
I’m here to have fun, make new friends, and to be helpful to anyone I can.” The rude
rooster felt bad about what he had said to Cowboy. “I’m sorry Cowboy for those mean
things I said to you, will you be my friend? By the way, my name is Peeper.” Cowboy
was thrilled that Peeper had a change of heart, but was even happier that he had made
another friend.


  1. I have to agree, when cowboy said nice stuff back instead of mean stuff thats the way we should be not trying to protect our pride but speaking nicely and humbling our selfs even if it hurts inside.


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