Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grow your own chicken feed

If you have a tiller you can break up a spot of land about 10x 10 foot. Take several hands full of chicken scratch and toss it into your tilled area, wet it down and watch it grow until tops form. Cut tops off and store in dry place. By the end of July you should have enough food to last your chickens through the winter. Best to plant in the early spring after temps warm up. You may want to grow some kind of greens at the same time. Chickens love mustard greens.


  1. Public asked a question about how many colors can a chicken lay.... this is the answer.....

    An individual chicken does not change its egg colors. If it starts laying brown eggs they will never be white.As the hen gets older the sharp vibrant color may pale but a brown egg layer will not lay green or blue. I raise Araucana hens and they lay green/green blue/blue eggs but each shade is from a different hen.
    Here is a list of some of the egg shell colors available
    Pearl white
    Creamy white
    Lightly Pink
    Pale brown
    Dark brown
    Pastel green
    Light blue
    Army green or Kaki

    Now my quest is to find out what kind of chicken lays army green or Kaki or pastel green or light blue

  2. public blog I had somehow found..... From now on, when I am posting something from a public domain I will say "Matilda asked how many colors can one chicken lay" or something like that....

  3. I would like to know who lays an army green egg


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