Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cowboy's goes to the Fair

Hi , I will try to post a new chapter every few days on one of my Cowboy books. You are welcome to print out the stories for people that have children, or send them to the blog to find out what happens next in: Cowboys Adventures.

Cowboy goes to the Fair

Chapter 1

Trouble Misses The Fair

“Cock a doodle do, wake up everyone. it’s a beautiful day.” Before Cowboy could
crow the second time he saw Farmer Jack coming out of the barn carrying a wire cage.
“Hey Grandpa, what’s that cage for? Is someone going some where?” Ask Cowboy
“ I don’t know” replied the senior rooster, “but I bet we will find out soon”. About that time Trouble stuck his head out the hen house door. “What’s Jack doing with that cage” he thought, “that’s the cage I was in when I came to the farm.” Trouble became
worried, “maybe I’ve been too bad, maybe I’m about to become chicken noodle soup.” The cocky rooster began to shake with fear, “I have to do something, but what? I know, I can become sick, no human will eat a sick chicken.” With that thought Trouble fell to the ground, rolled over on his side, and began kicking his feet. When Farmer Jack saw the big red rooster flip flopping on the ground he dropped his cage and ran as fast as he could to see what was wrong. “Trouble, are you all right?” ,Jack asked with a caring voice.

Trouble just lifted his head, and made a little cough, spewing out the last bit of grain he had in his mouth. “I’m sorry your sick big boy. I had great plans on taking you to the fair, you’re the biggest rooster I have ever seen and I wanted to enter you into a contest.”

Trouble really felt sick now. “If I just didn’t think I knew everything I would be going to the fair. I know I would win first place in any contest I was in.” Trouble pouted. Farmer Jack was disappointed that Trouble couldn’t go to the fair, this was his first time to have an animal of his own to enter, and he knew because of Trouble’s size he had a good chance of winning the blue ribbon.

Cowboy could see that Jack wasn’t very happy. “Cock a doodle do”, Cowboy crowed, “take me to the fair Farmer Jack.” When Jack heard Cowboy he remembered that
the fair also had a contest for the smallest rooster. “I know, I will take Cowboy,” Jack said out loud. When Cowboy heard Jack’s words he began running around the yard
crowing with all his might, “ I’m going to the fair, I’m going to the fair.” All of a sudden Cowboy stopped in his tracks, looked up at his grandfather and asked, “What is a fair?”

Grandfather just laughed, “You’ll see when you get there.”


  1. O, I bet Trouble was pretty mad! Yay for Cowboy!

  2. yay cowboy!

    i love these stories!

  3. I bet trouble will think twice about lying next time....... or faking it...

  4. Yes he will I have done the SAME thing before and YES I regretted it!!

  5. How often would you like for me to post chapters on Cowboys Adventures?

  6. It would be so cool to have a chapter a week to look forward to....... I think..... and then when you are finished with the books you could redo the first book one chapter at a time for new readers..... We are growing in numbers. Not everyone clicks on that follower tab..... I really enjoy the Cowboy adventures but I have told you that a million times. Great stories.

  7. Frances,
    I love the cowboy adventures! They're great fun! And i stop everything to read when you post them.

    I have to say i'm not particularly opinionated about how often you should post them. If you want to pick a day of the week and do it once a week, that's cool. It IS fun to drag it out and keep everyone in suspense as to what happens next.

    How often would YOU like to post them? =)

  8. o.k. i got some weird error when i commented a minute ago.

    let's remember what i said.

    Frances, i *love* reading the Cowboy Adventures! And i stop everything to read whenever you post them. They're great fun!

    As far as how often to post, i'm not particularly opinionated. How often would YOU like to post them?

    If you would like to pick a day of the week and make that Cowboy Adventure day, that would be totally groovy with me, and i would look forward to whatever day that is.

    It is fun to drag them out and have the suspense of finding out what happens next.

    Let me know what you think and if you have a preferred day. I like Saturday.

  9. Mondays is my stay home day, so starting this Monday I will post a new chapter every Monday if I can.

  10. yay Mondays!

    And sorry about my double post up there. =)


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