Friday, July 10, 2009

O how I have missed my girls!

I am so proud of all the girls. They were set up with plenty of water and food and survived. They were kept penned up for 3 entire days in cramped quarters and not one drop of blood. I am very impressed and proud. Even little Velvet is fine. He is so ugly and RED and uncomfortable looking, but no one messed with him either. I am the proud mama of 11 well behaved chickens and 2 fine young roosters.

This morning at 6:30 am I was so eager to see them, and let them out... and they were very glad to see me too. I usually let them free range for about an hour in the mornings.... but today was special. They stayed out till high noon. 5 hours of bugs and running and a few almost rotten figs and a few almost rotten blueberries and some day old bread. I am so so pleased with these well behaved chickens.

In the house..... in the bathtub...... 7 little bitty wonderful nice chicks did just as well and were also eager to see me this morning and get back outside. I was eager to bleach and pine-sole and comet and clean clean clean the tub and jump in it. The tub has been missed too! Showers are just a tad over rated.

Enoch was also a site for sore eyes. He is such a good dog and he did such a fine job of keeping the girls safe. My neighbor came by and fed him but she hates birds. She did good to fetch Juliets eggs with her platex living glove covered hands. I know I know..... they are messy critters! Being locked up for 3 days did not help them at all to make a good first impression on our dear friend Bettyann.

O yea.... Babbit did fine too.... He has a friend in Ms Bettyann and she spoiled him and Enoch with ICE in their water..... good grief.. she takes better care of them than I do.... they know it and they love her as much as a dog and a rabbit can love a person.

The large photo on top shows all ten of the girls and the velvet rooster... James and Juliet are too mature to hang out with the entire flock you know...

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  1. Ohh, I love all you chickens there are so many!!! I hope we get more and the babies looked very happy!! :)


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