Saturday, July 4, 2009

MY WONDERFUL CHICKENS....... by Breeze Mardis

Here are our wonderful chickens!

We have Monopoly (yellow), Shasta (orange), Sassy (green), Turkey (teal), Mikayla (pink), and the hardest to catch Road runner. Of course Road Runner is NOT in the picture. I didn't feel like chasing her around the pin. Levi my bro was the chicken stand.

I really enjoy my (babies) chickens. Sometimes I will go out there are sit down and they will all come to me and peck on my feet. Sit in my lap, climb there way up to my shoulder and chill. They are growing bigger every week!! So far we have killed 1 copper head, :| and we have not seen any other animal life that has a sweet tooth 4 chickens.

Our chicken hut is coming along, so far we are working on the nesting part. We found a old door that worked very well. We are also working on painting it. This chicken hut is very easy to clean and take care of. Which means the sooner you get to go inside with the AC!! :) The photo of the chicken hut is a little old, I would take a picture of our current status, but of course the cameras dead. So I will send a up date as soon as I can.

Big thanks to Eva, who made all this possible!! HUGZ!!

-AC Chick - aka Breeze


  1. yay!
    it's great to see pictures of your little ones.
    Levi is a great chicken stand!

  2. These are the luckiest chickens in the world. Just wait till you see their new home.

  3. Ha, yeah Levis a great stand. I will send you the new photos ASAP!



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