Friday, July 3, 2009

Newly Hatched Innocence

Does Steve look familiar to anyone? She is way too young for my crowd, but so far they are all being nice. She is baby yellow with just a little bit of white in places. She is a standard chick with feathers to her toes. Do you know what kind of chicken she looks like?

You nailed the Australorp back in the day. Do you have any clue about STEVE?


  1. eva, google images for white cochin. looks like it.

  2. not a comment but a question...My sister has a hen with new babies. She was wondering if she needs to seperate them from the other chickens???

  3. yay, connie commented!

    i don't have personal experience, but i have been reading about this. and i have read that the mother hen will protect them until they are integrated with the flock. of course, she needs to watch them, just in case this hen turns out to not be a good mother. but if she is a good mother, this is a much easier and smoother transition than trying to take them away and reintegrate them with the flock when they're bigger.'s forum has been a great resource for me. =)

  4. YES! Yipppeeee Connie........ also....from experience back in the day...
    I had a black mama hen who always had babies every year and she did great keeping them safe. Jeanie might need to purchase one of those chick feeders that the holes are only big enough for chicks to feed out of.

    I also read that you can put a cage with a small door in the coop that hens cannot fit into and keep baby chick starter in there. Babies can still be with there mom and when they start venturing out a bit....they will always have food available.... easy access.

    Give Jeanie this blog address..... we need her experience and opinions too....

  5. Thanks BETH...... I found it and you once again are correct! Steve is a white cochin and Molly is a blue cochin.... Both are cuties

  6. Wouldn't it be so cool if Connie and Frances and Jeanie and Sammye and Breeze and Kelly and Barbara would all write a post and put up some chicken photos? Wouldn't that just be the coolest thing ever....?

  7. He is so cute!! I love the BLONDE look. Us blondes look so smart!! LOL :)


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