Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Great Escape by Frances Wall

Chapter 2

The Strange Men

Cowboy could hardly stand the wait for Jack and Anne to load the truck. First they
had to put the matching red camper on the back of the red truck Then came suit cases and
boxes and some kind of long things and two pair of boots then Anne came out with big
heavy coats in her arms. ‘Why do they need those, its not cold’ thought Cowboy. Then
Jack went to the barn, he came out with sweet grain, a jug of water and two bowls. “That
must be for me,” chirped Cowboy.
Once the truck was loaded, Jack went to the chicken yard. “Well Cowboy it’s time
for our trip, are you ready?” Jack put out his hands and Cowboy flew right up into Jacks
arms. Jack laughed as he headed for the truck.
Jack had made a bed for Cowboy to sleep on, he placed his water and food near by
and newspaper in the corner, in case Cowboy had to go potty before they made a stop.
This really excited Cowboy, that he didn’t have to stay in a cage on this trip.
Jack had explained to Cowboy that this trip would take a long time and that he
should try to sleep as much as he could and that he could also sit on top of the boxes and
look out the windows when he got bored.
The trip took a lot longer than Cowboy had expected. He slept for a while, then he
would jump upon the boxes and look out of the window. He saw many things he had
never seen before, but all the riding became very boring.
Finely, the truck came to a stop and Cowboy jumped from the top of the boxes
and ran to the door of the camper. “Cock a doodle doo,” crowed Cowboy “are we at the
mountains.” Jack opened the camper door and took Cowboy into his arms. “Sorry little
guy were not there yet, we just stopped for gas.”
As Jack put gas into the truck, two men walked up. They were strange looking
men. One was very tall, and the other very short. The tall man was wearing a dirty coat
that looked like it was made for the short man. And the short man was wearing a shirt that
didn’t have any sleeves on it.
“Good evening” said the tall man, “ that’s some rooster you got there.” “Thank
you,” replied Jack. “Is he famous?” ask the short man, “I think I’ve seen him before.” I’m
not sure how famous he is but his picture was in the news paper.” Replied Jack. “I
remember him now,” said the tall man. “Your Cowboy, the hero rooster that caught the
cattle rustlers. I remember the crippled foot,” said the short man. “Where you headed?”
The tall man asks Jack. “Were going to Vail to do some skiing,” replied Jack.
“Well nice talking to you,” the tall man said as they both walked back to their old
dented up green car.


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