Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quarantined and Incubated

It is very challenging quarantining a new member of the FLOCK when the FLOCK free ranges.....

(coop is under contruction)

GOD please protect the girls..

The RIRs are grow-ing much faster than bantam chicks would be growing. Their Bantam Mom expects them to be doing things that two week olds can not do. You can see her up high on the perch with James and Ginger and Tundra while the babies try to reach her.

How many chickens can fit in ONE NEST?

In other news.. I met a wonderful lady from a farm who allowed me to borrow her incubator. Along with her 24 eggs, I am also hatching 12 of my own Wheaten Blue Americanas, RIRs and hopefully a few White Rocks. Woo HOO!

This family has an awesome farm filled with pigs, horses, cows, doves and chickens! They even have a great newfoundland dog.
He is so sweet....


  1. where is this farm?

    i love the first picture with the chickens all in a line. very cute! especially the one who looks like she's trying to fly away. =D

    i'm interested in that newfoundland. maybe that would be a good breed of dog for me!

  2. It would Beth.. He is such a sweety... I have seen them all Black before but never black and white. He has such a cute face. This farm is in New Caney.

  3. What do you think of my makeshift quarantine headquarters? Pretty sad. I pray that this newby does NOT have any airborne illness cuz my girls where everywhere before I knew it... They just started venturing out of their usual places.


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