Monday, August 31, 2009

The Great Escape by Frances Wall

Chapter 3

Cowboy Sees The Mountains

Cowboy had a bad feeling about the two strange men, they were up to something
and he knew it wasn’t good.
After Jack had finished putting gas into the truck he put Cowboy back into the
camper. The little rooster didn’t waste any time getting back on top of the boxes so he
could see out the window, he wanted to see what the two men were doing.
‘Why are they just setting there?’ thought Cowboy. Then Jack started the truck
and pulled out of the parking lot. Cowboy was surprise when the men pulled out right
behind them and drove very close. When Jack would pass a car, so did the men, and
Cowboy became very worried about what the men were planning to do.
Cowboy watched the men until darkness over took his vision and he fell fast
asleep. As he did, he fell off the boxes to the floor of the camper. “I think I’ll just stay
here,” muttered the sleepy little rooster.
When the little rooster woke up, it was morning. He wondered where they were at
and were the two men still following them. He quickly jumped back to the top of the
boxes to look out the window. “Wow” Cowboy crowed. He had never seen anything so
beautiful. They were in the mountains and the tops were so high that they reached to the
top of the clouds. The little rooster ran to the other side of the camper and looked out the
window. “Wow” he crowed again there were mountains on that side also. Not only were
the mountains new to Cowboy, the white stuff that covered them was something new to
his eyes also. “That must be snow,” chirped the little rooster. “Jack had said that we were
going to play in the snow and that it would be very cold, it is cold alright.”
All of a sudden the truck came to a stop. Cowboy jumped down from the boxes
and was ready for Jack to open the door. Cowboy waited and waited until he thought that
Jack had forgotten him. But when the door did open it wasn’t Jack standing at the door, it
wasn’t Anne standing at the door. It was the two strange men.


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