Saturday, August 29, 2009


WORTH THE WAIT! This is the most perfectly functional beautiful coop in the world. Madison and Graceson painted all day with the birds roaming around. Needless to say we ended up with some pretty cool lookin Chicks and Kids.

The HENS (pullets) are still trying to figure out how to get in the house and back out again... But I rememeber Sammye and Breeze having similiar issues when they moved their flock into the new house, so I will purpose to be patient.

With the ramp in the center of the house coming from the floor, the chickens can come and go as they please come rain or shine. The feeder hangs on the left and the water hangs on the right .. What else could you want... this is so wonderful. It doesn't seem real yet. This is so great and it simplifies the feeding process and gathering eggs will be a snap .... right out the door that Madison is working on. I wont even need to come in to the coop to check for eggs.



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